Prosecutor: Warrs' motion for co-conspirator names should be denied

By Brad Kessie - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The attorneys for Brent and Laura Warr want to know the names of the co-conspirators who allegedly helped the couple commit Katrina fraud.  That motion was filed by Mrs. Warr's attorney on March 2, with a joinder filed by Mr. Warr's defense attorney a day later.

On Tuesday, the government responded to the bill of particulars request with paperwork that says those names will be provided "at the designated time."  Prosecutors contend the law gives them until five days before trial to submit a witness list to the defense.  And this trial doesn't begin until September.  So, they believe the defendants motion for a bill of particulars "should be denied."

A judge still has to rule on the defense request for co-conspirator names.

The Warrs' attorneys also had issues with what the "false statement" was that count four alleges.  So, the government released a Department of Homeland Security document.  The name printed in the appropriate space on that form is Laura Warr.  But the signature is Brent Warr, with the word husband written above it.  That FEMA disaster assistance form was signed on November 26th, 2005.  It says the couple's damaged property was at 1814 Beach Drive.

The government claims to have proof the beachfront address wasn't the Warrs primary residence on August 29, 2005.  By producing the document, "There is little left to doubt or conjecture regarding the nature of the allegations made against the defendants or the nature of the Government's proof," prosecutors wrote in their seven page response.

Again, a federal judge still has to rule on the bill of particulars request.

The false statement claim is one of 16 counts of Katrina fraud alleged against the Gulfport mayor and his wife.

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