Political signs popping up everywhere in Ocean Springs

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - It's a certain sign of the election season in Ocean Springs. Hundreds of campaign signs are popping up all over town. And voters have mixed feelings about being bombarded with these political messages.

"They need to be there so that people who aren't as lucky as I am to have someone informing me well about the candidates, to put names out and let people be aware," said one voter, who understands the benefit of the political reminders.

Not surprisingly, the busiest intersections tend to attract the largest collection of political signs. But not all voters appreciate the barrage.

"I think they just make a lot of litter myself. I don't like it. I don't pay no attention. All these signs popping up everywhere. I don't like it," said another voter.

The vast number and variety of political signs outside Broome's Grocery downtown rivals the sale signs for pork chops and mayonnaise.

"John McKay actually lives in my neighborhood and I'm voting for John McKay. But I see his signs everywhere. And actually with Scott Walker, I kind of like the fact he'd like to lower the taxes. I kind of like that idea too," said a man leaving the grocery store downtown.

Another man said the signs serve a rather limited purpose.

"I suppose they remind people that the election is coming," he said.

One woman said there seems to be an overload of campaign signs.

"There's too many of them out there. Everywhere you look. And no, they don't influence my vote at all," she said.

While campaign signs may or may not boost a candidate's name recognition, there's also an old adage in politics which says "campaign signs can't vote."

With the primary vote still 56 days away, you can expect to see even more political signs, whether they influence your election decision making or not.

"I pretty well made my mind up who I'm going to vote for," said one voter, who also said the signs had no influence on who he chooses on election day.

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