Be persistent, positive when job hunting in poor economy

By Jon Kalahar - email

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Unemployment numbers increased sharply in Mississippi for the first month of 2009, and there are no signs the economy will improve anytime soon. So what can you do right now to find a job?

Jane Sanders started Professional Staffing Group in 1994 in the midst of another bad recession. She sees workers daily who are having to make changes.

"I'm more assisting them with re-tooling their resume and re-packaging their skill sets to enter, perhaps, the corporate sector or other sectors of the market," said Sanders.

Sanders offers theses ideas: re-craft your resume that may only be suited for one profession, think outside the box, take the skills you have and look at how they can be used elsewhere, consider temporary work and above all be persistent.

"Going on a temporary assignment even if it's just two or three days is like having someone pay you to do an extended interview," said Sanders.

Terri Henderson started The Executive Level to help job hunters create the perfect cover letter and resume.

"I'm very big on the image that it portrays," said Henderson.

Henderson says with so many people looking for work your resume is what gets you in the door. She suggest listing your skills first then your work history, don't put an objective on the resume - it limits your abilities, don't be too wordy, and stay organized with your resume, one or two pages at the most.

Our experts say have a plan for the next day, set a goal and reach it. It could be looking for a job, it could be sending out resumes.

Sanders and Henderson say stay positive at all costs. Keeping the right mind set plays as big a role as how many resumes you mail out.

"It is critical that they stay as positive as they can, they stay open minded and talk to as many people as they can and that their job today is getting a job," said Sanders.

"You have a talent and there's a company out there that needs what you have to offer, be persistent," said Henderson.

From January 2008 to January 2009, 30,000 more Mississippians are out of work. Click here to search for available local jobs listed on