Warr decision

The day Brent Warr walked out of court, after hearing the 16 count Katrina fraud allegations against him, he told the media, the main thing that's most important right now, is "to take care of and protect my family." But then Warr returned to work, and tried to act as if nothing was wrong.

A week after pleading not guilty, Warr was at the groundbreaking for the replica of the old courthouse. After the ceremony, Brad Kessie asked the mayor if it was any more difficult to be working with the federal indictment hanging over his head. Warr said, "Not at all. "It's business as usual."

On Tuesday, Brent Warr finally took the painful but appropriate step to protect his family. He decided to walk away from Gulfport City Hall when his four year term ends in July. Brent Warr guided Gulfport through its most trying time. He pledged to help the city rebuild what Katrina tore down.

Someday, his legacy may be a magnificent small craft harbor, or a development at the VA property that is the envy of everybody. But his mayoral legacy is not something Brent Warr should be focused on right now. His focus is and should be on his legal problems, and most importantly his family.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager

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