Attorney Mike Moore says client Zach Scruggs did nothing wrong

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Zach Scruggs' attorney says his client has done nothing wrong to be put in the Lafayette County jail. Scruggs was picked up on Friday for allegedly violating the terms of his release to a Tupelo half-way house. WLOX spoke his attorney Mike Moore by phone Sunday afternoon.

Moore, a former state attorney general, said "Zach Scruggs is being treated differently."

Scruggs, a former lawyer, had served six months of a 14-month federal sentence in a judicial bribery scandal that included his father Dickey Scruggs and others.

Assistant United States Attorney Bob Norman said Scruggs arrived at the halfway house late on Tuesday.

Moore refuted that. He said Scruggs' wife was allowed to pick him up from an Arkansas federal prison on Tuesday and drive him to the Tupelo half-way house. Moore said the couple stopped to see Scruggs' mother, who is very ill, and infant daughter in Oxford on the way. The family had lunch at an Oxford restaurant. He said Scruggs still arrived at the half-way house 15 minutes before he was scheduled to report.

Scruggs' attorney says his client has been a model prisoner and has already met one of the conditions of his transfer to the half-way house which is to get a job. Moore says on Wednesday, Scruggs' wife drove him back to Oxford where he was hired by an Oxford attorney as a runner. Scruggs started work the next day.

Moore says he believes people who saw Scruggs out and about caused the 34-year-old to be arrested on Friday.

Moore said "Zach Scruggs has violated no law, no rule, no regulation. It is a mystery why the Bureau of Prisons picked him up and put him in the county jail. My guess is because he was seen in the square, a lot of people started calling."