Evidence found, but capital murder charges still dropped

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The Moss Point Police Department and the District Attorney's Office say that all the evidence connected to the shooting deaths of Gary Riley and Brandon Taylor in 2006 has been found.

They say the evidence was misplaced in the evidence room and took longer to find because the department lacked a proper filing system under a previous administration. Both offices say that the problems in the evidence room have been corrected.

Still, the capital murder charges against suspects Terrance Coleman and Lederrick Brown remain dropped. Both the police department and the DA's office say the problem in this case comes down to witnesses.

They say a number of people saw the double murder, but have failed to come forward and tell police what they saw. Anyone with information that might help in this case is asked to call the District Attorney's office at (228) 769-3045.