Pascagoula students learn how local government works

By Patrice Clark- bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) -  A group of inquisitive first graders kicked off their downtown Pascagoula field trip at a bank. The kids learned about specialty coins, and got a chance to walk through the huge safety deposit vault.

"We saw where people keep important papers," one first grader from Eastlawn said.

Eastlawn Teacher Brittney Chavez said educational tours like this one are rewarding.

"A lot of them probably have never stepped foot inside of a bank," Chavez said. "It is teaching them the importance of money, the importance of savings, and the importance of community."

The next stop was Pascagoula City Hall.

"This is the place where we make all the decisions about your city," Public Relations Director Karen Joplin said.

The children's eyes lit up when they entered the council chambers for their government lesson.

"You see all these chairs are for your city councilmen. They talk about making sure your water turns on when your turn on the faucet, and your potty flushes when you flush it ," Joplin explained.

The last stop of the day was the historic train station that now serves as an art depot.  It was a big attention grabber for students like little Cecily Johnson.

"The best part about it was the paintings. I like the colors," Johnson said.

Teachers believe Friday's tour will surely give the young minds a clearer picture of Pascagoula and their future.

The group toured the public library and ate lunch at a downtown restaurant.  Hancock Bank employees in Pascagoula gave each student a one dollar coin to start their own savings account.