Evidence mess

Were you as shocked as we were when it was disclosed that two men charged with capital murder for the shooting deaths of Gary Riley and Brandon Taylor in Moss Point had the charges dropped against them. The reason given for this, the Moss Point Police Department had lost some of the critical evidence in this 2006 crime needed to present to a jury.

However by late in the week that evidence had been found. How can something like this happen?  Current Police Chief Shelia Smallman says it's a mess she inherited. Mayor Xavier Bishop says he is embarrassed about the foul up. District Attorney Tony Lawerence says this is the low point of him being district attorney. The tragedy is the victims' families may never see closure or justice for their loved ones.

We urge the district attorney, the police chief, the mayor and city council to investigate what happen to the evidence and make sure something like this does not happen again. District Attorney Lawrence says he believes there are individuals who witnessed the shootings, who could come forward and help him make a case again against those involved in the shooting deaths. Unless this happens, justice will take a back seat in Moss Point.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager