Government: Warr insurance claims "untrue"

By Brad Kessie - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The government's case against Brent and Laura Warr is now a bit clearer. New documents filed in court on Friday spell out how the government will argue the Warrs "misrepresented" their losses to the Lexington Insurance Company.

The information the government handed over to defense attorneys has to do with counts 13 through 16 in the 16 count indictment. Those are the mail fraud counts filed against Brent and Laura Warr.

Here's what prosecutors allege in the filing. They claim they have proof a substantial portion of the personal property the Warrs reported losing in Katrina was not at their beachfront home at the time of the storm.

"The evidence presented by the Government will include that defendants or one of them provided specific information to an insurance inspector regarding the location of many of the items listed in Exhibit 'A' which was in fact untrue," the bill of particulars stated.

Exhibit 'A' is a six page list of the items the Warrs told their insurance company they lost during the storm.

In point two, prosecutors said they could also prove that the renovations at the Warr's home weren't complete at the time of Katrina. In fact, they allege in the court filing, the proof will show "there was existing water damage before the storm caused by a leak or problem with the geothermal air conditional system for which full repairs had not been made."

The third issue unveiled in the court document had to do with a letter the Warrs sent to Lexington Insurance on March 7, 2007.

The letter, signed by Mayor Brent Warr, said, "You should note that we have also incurred $1,400 in rent per month from October 2005 through the present which will continue to accrue under Coverage D until our home is rebuilt."

Yet, the government says that at trial, its proof will show, "the defendants' claim that they paid rent is a false representation."

Defense attorneys requested this information last week so they knew what questions to ask any expert witnesses they expected to call during the trial.

Right now, the trial is scheduled to start the week of April 6. However, Brent Warr's attorney said in court, and to the media, he'd likely be asking for a continuance.