Biloxi mayor: $100k too much for park shade

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway on Friday vetoed a resolution that directed him to "proceed with the bid process for equipment for John Henry Beck Park."

Bids had been received in August, but the mayor balked at spending $101,000 for the Beck Park shade structure, which would be similar to a donated structure at Miramar Park on Beach Boulevard in west Biloxi.

"We already have four shade structures in Beck Park - including a gazebo, two pavilions and a covered spectator area immediately adjacent to the play equipment -- as well as a collection of full-grown and newly planted shade trees," Holloway wrote in his veto message.

In a resolution attached to his veto message, Holloway proposes to use the money toward an $850,000 match the city is obligated to provide for a $2 million grant for water and sewer work on Highway 67 in the Woolmarket community. The city, which had planned to borrow money for the project, will receive bids on the project in March.

The City Council, which passed the Beck Park resolution unanimously at its Feb. 17 meeting, will now have 10 working days to attempt an override of the mayor's veto.