NHL staff members help a Moss Point woman rebuild

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - After moving from one place to the next for the past year, Mary Lyons finally has a permanent place to call home. It's all thanks to staff members from the National Hockey League and National Hockey League Player's Association.

"I can say it's my home and my name is on the deed," Lyons said. "It's just wonderful how we're working together as a real family building my new home."

Some of the workers traveled all the way from Toronto to Moss Point to help build a new home for Lyons and her three grandchildren.

"Our staff is excited to be out of the cold, to swing a hammer and get in the sun," Devin Smith with the NHLPA said. "It's interesting for us cause they really don't know about hockey. 'What is this hockey thing?' So we talk a bit about that."

Though league players are known for power plays on the ice, NHL staff members hope to draw just as much attention to the positive partnerships made in the community.

"In the sport of hockey, sometimes the biggest and important things happen off the ice," Kenneth Martin, Jr. with the NHL said.

"It's wonderful," Lyons said gratefully. "It's a blessing from God."

Staff members from the Sea Wolves were also on hand to help. Lyons said she will be ready to move into her new home in about 12 weeks.