Pot Holes Are Becoming A Travel Nuisance

One of the worst pot holes is at the foot of Debuys Road. Every time Biloxi fills it, another hole forms. Biloxi's public works director said the city is about a month away from a repair project that should fix the Debuys Road pot hole once and for all.

While Biloxi prepared for that project, Gulfport had a crew on pot hole patrol near the downtown area. Two men shoveled, raked and rolled new asphalt into the nagging road bumps. The pot hole patrol has been quite busy since Tropical Storm Isidore and Hurricane Lili soaked South Mississippi.

Michael Daniels is one of the Gulfport Public Works employees on patrol. "We're trying to really catch up with the bad ones," he said. "We're trying to catch these so we don't have any call-ins about cars knocked out of line."

The city used 350 degree asphalt to fill its crevaces. The steam and the South Mississippi humidity soaked James Scott's forehead. The public works employee said he was working as fast as he could to help the community, trying to save people from having to go to a garage for car repairs.

Right after the storms, Gulfport had a list with more than 100 pot hole problems on it. The public works employees said they still have to repair pot holes on about 20 streets.