Moss Point residents looking for change in May

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - If you want to hear a strong opinion, all you have to do is walk into any Moss Point hot spot. Then mention the city government. You're sure to hear a wealth of commentaries, complaints, and predictions about the upcoming Mayor's race.

"People are already talking about it," said Moss Point resident Vaughan Wright.  "They've been talking about it since before they went to nominate the President," he added with a laugh.

Most of what they have to say about the state of their city isn't positive.

"Seems like every year you're looking at the same Moss Point," Wright said.

"Our streets need some work, our potholes need to be filled, our drainage needs to be corrected," said Moss Point resident Ralph Davis.

"We really don't have anything for youth to do," said Kenya Bowens, who's lived in Moss Point her whole life.

These people say the political bug is spreading across the whole city. Chris Stewart collects insurance all over town, and he says his clients are ready for a fresh face in politics.

"Certainly the people out here in Moss Point, they're hungry for somebody to start doing something," said Stewart. "And things being done instead of just talking all the time."

Stewart said he sees firsthand the types of improvements people want in Moss Point.  Most would consider them simple requests.

"They're waiting for the roads to start getting better," he said. "They're waiting for some of the trash on the streets to start getting cleaned up and stuff.

Every single person we talked with wants some serious reform in Moss Point. And for most of them, it all hangs on the May election. Nine people have already qualified to fill the spot that current Mayor Xavier Bishop is leaving open. One of those is set to inherit a big job.

"We need somebody that's gonna have great leadership, great focus, and great goals for Moss Point," said Bowens.

Almost everyone agrees that Moss Point's challenges fall on the shoulders of the whole community.

"It's going to take Moss Point to help build up Moss Point, not just one person to build up Moss Point," she said.