Injured Bald Eagle starts new life but not in the wild

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) -  A South Mississippi bald eagle is adjusting to his new home in Alabama. The Wild Life Care and Rescue Center cared the bird dubbed "Evil-Can-Eagle" after he was found with gun shot wounds a few months ago. Caregivers say unfortunately the injury means "Evil Can Eagle" can never return to the wild.

Back in December, Evil Can Eagle arrived at a veterinary hospital having lost a lot of blood from two gun shot wounds to the wing. Caregivers say they knew it would take a lot of time and care for him to make a full recovery.

"Whenever you've got a bird that's got pins in the wing you have to bandage that wing up," said director Allison Sharpe. "Keep it conformed to his body to stop him from further injuring it. It has to be constantly bandaged . Therapy done on it to keep it from locking up on itself. A lot of time has been put into this bird by our vet."

Now healthy, the bald eagle is about begin a new life but not back in wild. Caregivers say his injuries make that impossible but steps have been taken to see he's well cared for.

Sharpe said "We are going to try to put this bird today over to the Mobile Environmental Center. It's a big rehabilitation center in Alabama. This is where he's going to spend the rest of his life. They have the caging and the permits to keep bald eagles. "

"It's kind of sad in a way because I wish we were in the position where we could do that but like so many people after Katrina we lost everything we're starting over," said Sharpe.

The Wildlife Care and Rescue Center say they believe Evil Can Eagle was intentionally shot.

Allison Sharpe "Shooting most of our birds is against the law. They just really need to respect the law. The eagles are finally making a comeback to this area after so many years and when we see things like this, it's really sad."

The Wildlife Care and Rescue Center is needing land so it can care for animals long term. If you would like to donate you can call 228-392-7511.