Gulf Coast Carnival Association King and Queen

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - All bow. Here comes the king and queen of the Gulf Coast Carnival Association.

"I feel fabulous and pretty," says Dewey Elise Brashier, Queen Ixolib of Biloxi. Brashier is a senior marketing major at the University of Mississippi.

This year's King D'Iberville is Rick Carter.  Carter is a Mississippi Gulf Coast native and part owner of the Island View Casino Resort and Windance Country Club.

For the royal pair, the prestige also comes with a lot of fun.

"It's a chance for old men like me to have a fun time and raise a little bit of cain," says Carter.

"It's been an honor to do it, and it's been a lot of fun.  We've already had a bunch of parties for it, and all of my maids are great. So are the dukes and my awesome king," says Brashier.

Of course, there are the duties that come along with the crown and royal septor.

"The cape is really heavy so we have pages to turn it around and help us move it," says Brashier.

"A wave's a wave.  It's not real hard to get that down.  I've been corrected a few times by my wife, but it's turned out okay," says Carter.

Once the royal wave is down and all the finishing touches are in place, the king says it's time to revel in the time-honored tradition.

"We're just having a good time.  Get ready to party at Mardi Gras."