Coast Residents React To D.C. Sniper Arrests

It's another busy lunch hour at the Schooner Restaurant in Biloxi. Many locals come for the Friday favorite - shrimp spaghetti. And the hot topic around the table - the arrests of John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo.

Biloxi Resident John Cruso said "It's the talk of the town, talk at work, everybody's talking about it".

Zosimo Canuel of Biloxi has family in Arlington, Virginia. He's been riveted by the sniper case from the very beginning, especially one fatal shooting just last week.

Canuel said "Just so happens that my brother-in-law was there at that Home Depot two hours prior to the shooting, and that really got me worried. It could have been him who was shot".

Canuel says he's glad, but surprised, at how easily the suspects were captured. Canuel said "For these two individuals to supposedly do these crimes, and to hide out in a rest area just off a major interstate, knowing that they're being looked for, it doesn't make sense".

Some people believe perhaps the suspects wanted to be caught. John Cruso said "They really wanted to get caught by giving clues, and calling up and making phone calls and stuff. So it's just a matter of time". George Clemens of Ocean Springs said "He needs some type of help or treatment. I think he was trying to cry out for help".

Now that the men are in custody, many people say if they indeed committed the crimes, they should pay. Canuel said "Definitely, they should be put to death, even the 17 year old".

Clemens said "He should be lined up and shot. I think it would set a precedent to every terrorist or person that has problems. Seek help, but don't go out on a killing spree".

Some folks brought up an interesting theory. They say since Muhammad was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and he has family living there, he may be connected to the recent murders of women in that city. A spokesperson for the Baton Rouge Police Department says the Homicide Task Force is investigating to see if there's a possible a link between the two cases.