Cleanup eyesores now

In the past two weeks, the cities of Biloxi and Gautier have begun efforts to clean up eyesores. In Gautier, a rundown trailer park is being cleaned up, and in Biloxi, a home on the Point was taken down. It's about time.

Some property owners have allowed their homes to fall into disrepair, especially after Katrina. Dilapidated properties ruin the image of a city, and can leave a bad impression in the eyes of visitors.

We understand that Katrina dealt a lethal blow to many homes and businesses, but most property owners have shown a great sense of civic pride and responsibility by cleaning up and demolishing those homes and businesses. They may not have rebuilt, but at least they cleaned up.

But others have not. and their eyesores are now everyone's eyesores. And it needs to stop. Three and a half years after the storm, it's time to get our act together, and if individuals don't do it themselves, the cities and counties need to do it for them. Follow the lead of Biloxi and Gautier, and make our coast beautiful, once again.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager