COPY-Jobs could be biggest part of Mississippi's stimulus cut

With the President's signature, Mississippi can now look forward to its share of the stimulus package.

Along with reports the state could receive more than two billion dollars, the number of jobs that could be created or saved may be even more important to Mississippians.

"Job market right now is really tough," said Sandy Jones, job hunter.

There are literally thousands of Mississippians who would echo Sandy Jones' statement. Jones has been looking for the last three months with no luck. She hopes the stimulus with change that.

"I got a lot of faith in it if it's gonna be handled correctly," said Jones.

Information from the White House shows the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will create or stabilize 30 thousand jobs in Mississippi, thousands less than neighboring states.

"I would say that's a pretty big dent," said Rep. Tyrone Ellis, (D) Starkville.

Representative Tyrone Ellis says the Mississippi is not suffering as much as other states, but we're still hurting, especially the furniture industry who he says is losing jobs to China every month.

Even with the federal stimulus signed by the President, most here at the Win Job Center say they can't wait on the federal government, they need work right now.

For those Ellis offers this advice.

"Go try and find a job regardless of what kind it is. It does not matter, but just get a job and then once the stimulus package come down then be selective," said Ellis.

And as I found out, there are jobs out there. Charles Benson is recruiting for Liberty National Life Insurance for job openings statewide.

"Even though the stimulus package has been signed, we're still looking for great people, motivated people to come in," said Benson.