Coast Law Enforcement Identify With DC Police

There are now more than 1,000 federal agents involved in the search for the sniper caller in the Washington D.C. area, but still no arrests. Two local officers with many years in law enforcement say they can emphasize with those involved in the search.

Gulfport Police Chief Wayne Payne, says although the killers are many miles away, there is never a moment he does not have it on his mind.

"I sit back and pray for them every night, they have to be so frustrated, this guy does not care, who he shoots," Chief Payne says.

Likewise, Harrison County sheriff George Payne says he understand what they must be going through.

''In law enforcement, when you have been in it quite a while, you take these things personally, when you have victim after victim, and looking in the eyes of those families and feeling frustrated you have not done anything, you start questioning yourself," Sheriff Payne says.

Payne says law enforcement there is not only conducting an intense investigation, but has to deal with a huge throng of news media, desperate for any information.

"Spend a great deal of their time, getting their media message out, making sure its done right, making sure they prep for it, and making sure they don't say the wrong thing and send the wrong message to this individual."

Payne says the police chief overseeing the investigation, has, what is probably the most difficult job in America right now. But Payne, who has spent a lifetime in law enforcement, says police will get their man.

"That part of the puzzle they don't have right now, they will find piece of the puzzle and they will solve this."