White Charged With Capital Murder In Officer's Death

Investigators, along with the Jackson County District Attorney's office, are now calling the car wreck that killed Moss Point Police Officer Larry Lee a murder.

Jonathan White, the driver of the truck that hit Officer Lee's patrol car, was charged with capital murder Tuesday in Moss Point. Investigators say White was fleeing from police in a stolen truck when he collided with Lee on the Highway 63 bridge.

"We didn't jump to any conclusion. We didn't do it because he was a police officer. We did it because the evidence was there," Prosecutor Ben Saucier said.

That evidence was presented to prosecutor Ben Saucier after a four day investigation by the Highway Patrol. Their investigation indicates White deliberately rammed into Lee's patrol car, which was set up as a road block on the Highway 63 bridge.

"This collision was intentional caused by the defendant Mr. White. Mr. White had over 7/10's of a mile to see the blinking lights of officer Larry Lee vehicle which was stationary," Saucier said.

The impact of the crash killed Lee before paramedics could arrive.

"When the vehicle struck he did it intentionally. He didn't put on his brakes. Everything he did was done in a deliberate manner," Saucier said.

This murder case could go to a grand jury as early as next week. White will remain in jail without bond until a trial date is set.

Police say a woman was riding along with Jonathan White when his vehicle struck Officer Larry Lee's car. She's still in the hospital with several broken bones. Investigators say they have questioned her about the wreck, but don't expect to file charges.

By: Ken Flanagan