Hurricane Bowl blows through the coast

By Krystal Allan - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - 17 teams flexed their intellectual muscles in a science bowl showdown.

"The questions are tough. It's all quite challenging," says Danny Sween, Long Beach-Team "A."

"With the ocean sciences bowl, it's not just one particular type of science. We deal with chemistry, geology, biology and physical oceanography," says Andrew Goins, Hurricane Bowl coach. "It's a pretty extensive studying process for the students, sometimes they start studying in September, even the summer."

It's the thrill of the challenge that keeps these young science scholars ready to compete.

"I attended quiz bowls here for all four years and loved it. I went to nationals twice, and now, I get the privilege of being a coach for two years," says Goins.

But, the students do more than just show off how much they've studied during the competition. From sharkheads to crabhats, these students love showcasing their showmanship. Many of the teams come dressed in costume for the competition.

"We actually dressed up all four years. Our most famous was the poplar 'Village People.' I was the sailor, myself," says Goins.

Goins attended Poplarville High School when he competed as a high school student.  Now, as a sophomore at the University of Southern Mississippi's Hattiesburg's campus, he says the bowl was an opportunity he's fortunate he didn't miss.

"Someone inspired me to do, and I'm so glad that they did."

The J.L. Scott Marine Education Center hosted the bowl at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab. Six schools from Mississippi competed. Long Beach's - Team "A" took home the top prize.

In the fall, USM and the NAVY will come out to recruit at local high schools. They encourage those interested to stay up to date through their science teachers.