Biloxi Convenience Store Owner Thwarts Robbery Attempt

Courtesy: Biloxi Police Department, Travis Tyrone McCoy
Courtesy: Biloxi Police Department, Travis Tyrone McCoy

By Jeff Lawson - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The owners of Biloxi convenience store were the victims of an attempted armed robbery Thursday night.

Police say, Thursday evening, Travis Tyrone McCoy of Biloxi, walked into the Double Down Convenience store on Pass Road and attempted to rob it.

Within minutes of going into the store, surveillance video shows McCoy coming up behind the stores owner, Twin Le, and putting a knife to his throat.

When Le's wife Amal saw what was happening, she hit the stores panic button which alerts police.

As her husband and the suspect began to struggle, Amal grabbed a gun hidden under the counter. She then fired a warning shot over their heads.

When that happened, McCoy ran from the store with Twin Le chasing him. Although McCoy got away, some customers of the store saw the surveillance video and recognized the man.

Police arrested McCoy on Friday.

As for Twin and Amal Le, they hope the suspect knows, he picked the wrong place to rob.