Moss Point woman fed up with gas, water leaks

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The smell of strong fumes, and the sight of dirty water bubbling out of the ground are what Jermaine Williams deals with every time she walks out of her Moss Point home.

"Water is constantly running, but the gas is what really bothers me," Williams said. "This has been going over a year, and I have gotten no results."

Williams describes her dealings with Moss Point Public Works Department as a nightmare. The frustrated homeowner says workers never give her an actual repair date, just a bunch of excuses.

"'I am coming. We are sending someone out. The part has been on order.' How long does it take for a part to come in? The part has been on order for the last four months."

For a quick fix, Williams placed sand bags in the water to stop the leak, but even the sand can't stop the problem.

Public Works Project Manager Mike Bohlke says Williams' leaks are minor, and his staff plans to fix the broken lines this week. The department will also repave Williams' driveway once the repair job is complete.

Jermaine Williams says those promises mean little to her.

"I am just tired of looking at it."

Bohlke told WLOX News that the leaks would have been fixed, but a major water main break on the west side of town prevented workers from starting Williams' job.