Workers fixing glitches with Moss Point's new water system

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Tap water that smells like bleach isn't what Moss Point residents expected from their new $12 million water system.

Jason Glass, a senior operator at the reverse osmosis plant, has been trouble shooting problems since the new water system went on-line two weeks ago.

"I had people tell me that they felt like they were taking a shower in a swimming pool," Glass said.  "It has been very hectic. We had a lot of timing issues between our wells, and high pressure pumps, and filter change outs. We are just going to hope the breakdowns and glitches are minimal, and we continue making good water."

Moss Point resident Chris Burroughs hasn't noticed the chlorine smell, but he has another problem.

"When you turn the faucet on, the water does not come on as strongly as it normally does. The water pressures is low at times," Burroughs said.

Osmosis plant workers say customers should expect to see some glitches during these first stages, but they are working to solve all the problems.  If all else fails, the treatment plant has a backup plan.

"We can actually go back to the way we were treating water, which is basically with chlorination. When it's coming from the wells, chlorinate it and getting it to citizens. But, hopefully, we won't have to do that."

Moss Point residents who are still having water problems may call the Public Works Department at (228) 475-1151.