Moss Point Officer Dies In Head-On Collision

Investigators say Moss Point officer Larry Lee was on his way to help another officer when his patrol car was hit nearly head on by a man who was fleeing a routine traffic stop.

The accident occurred in the northbound lane of the Highway 63 high-rise bridge. Officer Lee died at the scene.

Black ribbons hang on the doors of the Moss Point Police Department. And flags fly at half staff as the city mourns the loss of Police Officer Larry Lee.

Moss Point Fire Chief Herbie Crook said Lee was a fine officer and his death is a real big loss to the city.

Officer Lee had more than 14 years of experience in law enforcement. He had been in Moss Point for six years, working hard to restore the public's confidence in the local police department.

Citizens told WLOX News that Officer Lee was one of the best police officers on the force. Residents came to police headquarters throughout the day to offer their condolences. One person stopped by the high-rise bridge and erected a makeshift memorial at the scene of the accident.

Moss Point police officers are being encouraged to take time off to grieve for Lee. Jackson County sheriff's deputies will be on hand to fill their shifts for the next two nights.

Officer Lee was only 41-years-old.