We the People want libraries built now

The group of citizens known as 'We The People' has only one goal - the preservation and restoration of the historic Harrison County Public Library in downtown Gulfport.

Because of the covenant with the Jones family, a portion of this building must be used as a library, otherwise this place could be lost to the people forever.

Let us be perfectly clear, we adamantly support the construction of the main library in Orange Grove.

Because of grass roots efforts, and the questions we have raised, the library building has been awarded Mississippi landmark status and is eligible for the national register of historic places.

For over a year, thousands of people have signed petitions, attended meetings and written letters beseeching the Harrison County Board of Supervisors and city of Gulfport to repair this iconic building using insurance monies, FEMA funds and contributions.

Instead of casting stones, WLOX should join citizens in urging the city of Gulfport and the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to stop procastinating and repair and build our libraries. Now!

Leroy Urie

We the People