Leases are up on MEMA cottages

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As of Saturday, the leases are up the MEMA cottages, and some South Mississippians living in them may soon be getting eviction notices. This is all in preparation for the March deadline, when the alternative housing program comes to and end.

Many coast governments have made a decision on whether or not to accept the cottages as permanent housing but not all.

Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran told WLOX she expects the board of aldermen to take action next month.

She says there are about 10 cottages in her city, but only one with a homeowner who is using it while he rebuilds. Some of the others are in an area zoned for duplexes.

In Long Beach, Mayor Billy Skellie estimates there are about 26 MEMA cottages.

Saturday Mayor Skellie said although there has been no vote, based on the discussion so far he believes the board of aldermen will stick to the original agreement that the cottages will leave in March.