Carolina women turn rebuilt houses into homes

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - When Marian Poulos saw her mother's house after Hurricane Katrina, curtains and drapes were the last thing on her mind, but now it's little things like that, that will make this empty house a home again.

"It goes all the way across the windows over there," Poulos said, showing off her new window treatments. "I even have different colored shades, different shears for all the different rooms for all the pastel color."

She got her new décor through Raleigh Moravian Church's volunteers. They came to South Mississippi for the first time in June, and just finished their second trip on Friday. They teamed up with a few local helpers while they were here.

"They stayed at the sewing machine a week until they were finally finished and brought me all the drapes and curtains," said Poulos.

"Interior design is an interest of mine," said Gay Sharon Brothers, who spearheaded the idea.  "I thought that this was the finishing touch to put on the home. It's probably the last thing that they would decide to do. And I felt like it was something that we could do to make them feel better."

In just the past week, they've given away over forty window treatments. It's a bigger help than you may think.

"Window treatments are expensive," said Brothers. "And the fabrics that we've been able to get donated have been high quality fabrics from home decorating stores, so they're getting very high quality window treatments."

It's not necessarily the curtains that are touching lives. It's the people making them.

"To think on her own how to make someone happy, that's what she said she was coming to the coast, to make people happy," said Poulos about Brothers. "To look at life, to look at the goodness, you know what you can do for each other. And I really felt that from that church."

Brothers hopes that someone will take on this task locally.

"Please somebody come forth and pick this up because I would say three times a year would be the maximum we can come," Brothers said. "And that's not as many as if you were doing it here every week. Or even once a month. It would be super, and I think you would get much satisfaction from it."