Vancleave child molester sentenced to Life

PASACAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A Vancleave man will spend the rest of his life behind bars for molesting two little girls.

Friday, Randy Lamar Tapper, 47, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 75 years in prison. It took a Jackson County jury less than two hours to convict him of multiple counts of sexual battery and touching of a child for lustful purposes.

"These victims were six and eight at the time of the crimes. The file is full of other allegations of possible child victims. I told the court in sentencing, Tapper not only robbed the victims of part of their childhood but also part of their future. I think the maximum was appropriate for a person who was found guilty of sexually abusing two small girls," said District Attorney Tony Lawrence.

Testimony revealed that the children had stayed at Tapper's trailer in Vancleave in the summer of 2006. The molestation came to light after the children's mother took them for an examination at Singing River Hospital. The girls had just returned from Tapper's house and reported being molested by Tapper.

During the trial, Lawrence revealed that Tapper's two previous wives were minors when he got them pregnant. Lawrence also told the court that Tapper had another pending indictment for child molestation.

"Tapper will be in prison for the rest of his life and he will never be able to harm another child," said Lawrence.

"Justice in this case was a long time coming. It is a good day for the citizens of Jackson County. There is no telling how many children he has hurt, but thankfully he can't hurt any others," said Assistant District Attorney Angel Meyers who assisted Lawrence on the case.