Highway 49 Construction Blamed For Accidents

A three car accident Wednesday on Highway 49 sent three people to the hospital, killed three cows, and injured another. It happened between McHenry and Saucier, southbound on 49, where the highway is down to two lanes because of heavy road construction.

Some say the construction has contributed to several accidents in that stretch of highway, like Stone County Sheriff Mike Ballard.

"Highway 49 at this particular point is a two lane highway right now, the southbound lane is shut down and you've got traffic going north and southbound in the southbound lane and it's very dangerous at this point in time," said Ballard.

State Trooper Jason Seal said, "Just the simple fact that people are a little confused about the construction period, they're not accustomed to driving in this area with the road in the condition that it is. It's definitely made it more dangerous."

Five miles of highway 49 Southbound between Saucier and McHenry will be closed for heavy road construction until July.