Christian Brothers Memories Honored In Pass Christian

A group gathers in front of Miramar Nursing Lodge in Pass Christian Wednesday morning, to see the unveiling of a historical marker. The sign sits at the site of what was once Pass Christian College on Scenic Drive.

Brother Justin Lucian is a historian who wrote a book about the college. He said "It was the first college in the area. It opened right after the Civil War, which makes it even more unique".

A group of Christian Brothers bought an old hotel and opened the Liberal Arts college in 1866. They taught Math, Science, Business and the classics like Latin. But, several years later, nine members of the faculty died during the Yellow Fever epidemic.

The nine Brothers were laid to rest at St. Paul Cemetery. Today, they are remembered for their dedication, sacrifice and commitment to serving God.

Bishop Thomas Rodi said "They are certainly heroes, because they left home and family and their country to come and serve here, knowing that there were a number of perils they would face".

After the Brothers' deaths, the college struggled and was forced to close. But a granite monument at their graves, and the historical marker will serve as reminders of their blessings on the Coast.

Coast Historian Dan Ellis said "A lot of people just didn't realize that they had such a thing as a Christian College in Pass Christian. This way, they'll know it forever".

Pass Christian College shut down in 1875. A year later, it burned in a mysterious fire.