Gulfport Man Shot In Doorway

Late Wednesday afternoon, investigators say they were making progress in finding Gregory Pittman's killer.  Investigators say a friend who was picking Pittman up for work Thursday morning found him dead in the doorway of his house, and called police. Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove says Pittman was shot once.

As police looked for clues and wrapped up their investigation around Pittman's house, some of his friends stood around watching. A couple of them talked to us about Pittman.

"He's a good person. What happened, he didn't deserve that. It was wrong but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time," says Rodney Riley who says he's known Pittman all his life.

"His family and my family, we all growed up in the same church, Greater Mt. Olive Baptist Church. Greg was a good person in the community and he detailed cars and he was a likeable guy, real friendly. He knowed everybody," says another friend Stennis Thompson.

Thompson says what makes Pittman's murder even more tragic is that Pittman had just returned home Tuesday night from Georgia after attending his brother's funeral. Pittman's murder is the ninth in Gulfport this year, including a muder/suicide in April. Police have made arrests in five of the cases.