City leaders vow Gulfport's business will move forward despite mayor's indictment

Gulfport Chief Administrative Officer Dr. John Kelly
Gulfport Chief Administrative Officer Dr. John Kelly

By Steve Phillips - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - How will the mayor's indictment affect the City of Gulfport's business?

Not at all according to city council members and Gulfport's chief administrator.

Despite Brent Warr's legal troubles, it's business as usual for the state's second largest city.

The federal indictment against Mayor Warr involves questions about his personal business. That's why his attorney says it should not impact city business.

"There is nothing in the indictment that in any form or fashion relates to his functions as the mayor of the city of Gulfport," said attorney Joe Sam Owen.

"In talking with Mayor Warr, I know it is his intention to be at his desk at seven forty five tomorrow morning," said John Kelly, the city's chief administrative officer.

Dr. Kelly told WLOX News he's not in a position to speculate about the indictment, which he calls the "mayor's personal business."

"What I can tell you is that he's been mayor of this city for four years. He's a great mayor and I can tell you we have wonderful, wonderful, very talented department heads and the business of this city will go on," Kelly promised.

Gulfport city council members echoed Dr. Kelly's assurance that, despite the indictment, the day to day business of the City of Gulfport will move forward.

Libby Roland told WLOX News, "It's a personal matter the family has to take care of. The mayor will continue to be in his office and the City of Gulfport will continue to move forward."

Council member Jackie Smith said, "I'm sorry about the situation and my prayers go out to his family and the city. We're going to get through this thing."

"It is business as usual for the City of Gulfport," said Dr. Kelly.

Several Gulfport city council members are attending the Mississippi Municipal League conference in Jackson.

Barbara Nalley called WLOX News on her way back to the coast.

"My heart goes out to Mayor Warr and his family. I'm still in a little bit of shock. I don't expect it to affect the day to day operation of the city. He is still the mayor," says Nalley.