A Traveling Exhibit Brings The Bible To Life

Using his skills in architectural design and his love for scripture, a Mobile man has found a way to bring the Bible to life. David Hamilton has recreated many artifacts the Israelites used inside the Tabernacle described in the Old Testament. He and his exhibit travel the country. Now he's in South Mississippi.

For the past 11 years Hamilton has been the heart and soul of the Tabernacle Museum.

"There's no subject in the Bible more written about than the subject of the Tabernacle,"said Hamilton. "God gave all the details the measurements, the colors and everything they needed to know to build this building."

Hamilton built the Ark of the Covenant, King Solomon's Temple and most of the nearly 100 other items himself. He says lots of materials and countless hours of research went into making each piece as genuine as possible. The hope is that once people can see it and touch it, they'll have a better illustration of Biblical scriptures they've read.

The Word Alive Revival Center is hosting the exhibit. Reverend Mike Dobbs said the dimensions described in the Bible have come to life.

"They [people] have a picture now that they can put all of that in the text, and it just brings a better understanding," Dobbs said.

"It's so rewarding to see people light up with understanding on a subject so old and seemingly dead become alive and applicable," Hamilton said.

Wednesday is the last day The Tabernacle Museum will be in our area.. The exhibit is set up at the Word Alive Revival Center on Highway 49 in Wiggins. If you are interested in seeing the exhibit you need to call 601-928-5562 to set up a time. David Hamilton will give a lecture at 7:30 p.m that night. The exhibit is free to the public.