NAACP issues new claims against Moss Point Police

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The battle between the Jackson County NAACP and the Moss Point Police Department is heating up again. This time the NAACP is accusing police of violating a woman's rights by forcing their way into her home while she was nude.

What started as an arrest for Nathaniel Graham has now turned into legal action against Moss Point Police.

"We heard the knocking. We heard the beating," says Alma Williams.

Williams says Sunday night, a Moss Point police officer busted into her home looking for a man she says is her ex-boyfriend.

"He said, 'This is the room he's going to be in and he's wearing a white t-shirt,' but I had on a white t-shirt and people sometimes say we look alike," said Williams.

Alma Williams says she was partially clothed. Officers say she was fully clothed. Curley Clark with the NAACP says the woman was naked, and that's why the civil rights organization is stepping in and holding Moss Point Police Chief Sheila Smallman responsible.

"The problem is she doesn't have control of her men. She's not providing the right type of leadership and she needs to be replaced," said Clark.

The NAACP has made several allegations against the Moss Point Police Department. But president Curley Clark says it's about more than just picking on the police.

"The relationship between the NAACP and the present administration has been strained, and I really feel like change is necessary," said Clark.

The police chief says Clark has a personal motive and he needs to start doing his homework before making allegations.

"He has yet to contact me to even do a preliminary investigation into these matters before he contacts the media," said Chief Smallman.

However, Clark says the NAACP does its research and members believe Williams' story. As far as Smallman's open-door policy, he's not interested.

"She needs to reach out to the victims. That's who she needs to reach out to, not to Curley Clark. She needs to reach out to the people who are having the problems and try to solve their problems. I don't have a personal problem that I need her to help me with. I can solve my own problems," said Clark.

Alma Williams says she plans to file a civil suit against the officer with the help of the NAACP.

Curley Clark says he'll continue his efforts to get Sheila Smallman to step down as Moss Point's police chief.