Oliver Diaz has a new job

By Bert Case - bio|email

SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Former State Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz, has taken a new part time job as a Youth Court Public Defender in Simpson County. Diaz says Chancery Judge Larry Buffington called him up and asked him to take the position.

"It puts me in the position of that I can now do the things I enjoy doing.  I was eager to get back in the courtroom," Diaz said.

Diaz will also qualify to be part of the state retirement system with the new job.  He said he "lacked a little bit of time" to qualify for full retirement.

Diaz is a former member of the legislature, as well as a former justice on the State Supreme Court.  He was cleared of any wrongdoing in the Paul Minor judicial bribery trial, but lost the election last year to keep his Supreme Court seat.

The job in Simpson county pays $400 a month.