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Miss Mississippi wins Miss America Lifestyle and Fitness on Day 2

Miss Mississippi Pageant Miss Mississippi Pageant
Preliminary in Las Vegas Preliminary in Las Vegas
Winning Lifestyle and Fitness Award Winning Lifestyle and Fitness Award

Miss Mississippi Christine Kozlowski is already a winner at the Miss America Pageant. Kozlowski, 19, of D'lberville, won the swimsuit competition in the second night of preliminary competition at the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas. Kozlowski wore a black and white bikini. She won a $1,000 scholarship.

Kozlowski is a graduate of D'Iberville High and is working on her Masters of Science and Nutrition & Dietetics degree at student at the University of Southern Mississippi. She hopes to become a registered dietician.

Kozlowski won the Miss Mississippi Pageant last year. Her social platform is diabetes education; DANCE - Diabetes Advocated Nourishing Children's Education.

On the Miss Mississippi website she wrote, "I chose my platform because it affects something very close and dear to me: my mother. She is not the only member of my family diagnosed with diabetes, but so are my grandparents and seven of my aunts and uncles. I have learned just through observation all the hardships diabetics must manage and it encouraged me. After realizing how commonplace diabetes is in the nation and also how susceptible Americans are to this disease with our lifestyle and eating habits, I decided that this was the perfect platform for me. When trying to specify my platform I tried to think of the roots of where diabetes really begins. Leading causes include high blood pressure and a family history which are, to an extent, unavoidable. Obesity, on the other hand, is a top risk factor which is certainly preventable and is unfortunately dispersing into younger generations. My focus is on changing the lifestyles of our youth in order to better prepare them for a healthy adulthood and hopefully decrease their risk as a diabetic."

You can see Miss Mississippi Friday on WLOX News at Midday in an exclusive interview from Las Vegas on the eve of the Miss America Pageant. The new Miss America will be crowned Saturday evening.

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