Police Consider Spring Break Traffic Plan For Cruisers

Biloxi police say they many drivers were ticketed during Cruisin' the Coast, and they did re-route traffic away from Highway 90 off and on between 4 and 7 pm Saturday night. Crusin the Coast's Executive Director, Gene Oswald, said that like any major event, out of the ordinary traffic and commotion is to be expected.

"If you go to a superbowl, you're gonna have traffic. And what we have here is the superbowl of classic car shows," Oswald said. "Certainly there was some intrusion, but the bottom line is that locals know how to get around. But we'll work to do better next year."

Working to do better next year is what Biloxi police hope to do, too. Sergeant Jackie Rhodes with Biloxi Police community relations said they plan to recommend a traffic plan similar to the one used for Black Spring Break for Crusin' the Coast next year.