South Mississippians look forward to Obama's presidency

By Sylvia Hall - bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX)- Go to any supermarket, and you can see the effects of the rough national economy. People are pinching pennies more than ever, and they are cutting their budgets in every aisle.

But there's something else in the air these days. There's a sense of hope that change could be coming. That sense of hope seems to be stemming from President-elect Barack Obama. Many people are already counting on him to steer this country in a completely new direction.

"We're in a big mess, so he's got a hole to dig us out of," said shopper Chris Carter.

Many South Mississsippians say Obama's job will not be easy.

"We have some serious problems, but I don't think they are anything that we can't solve," said Mary Carter. "We believe that he is going to give it his best. And that's all that we can ask of anybody. I think it's an enormous job, but you're giving it to a big man."

"He has probably more weight on his shoulders right now than almost any other president in the history of the United States," Ann Burgo said.

Maybe that's why the country is watching this inauguration so closely. Tickets to events surrounding Barack Obama's swearing in are still selling on Ebay for thousands of dollars. The high priced bids show that despite the rough economy or any other problem facing our country, the excitement over this president is escalating.

"I can't recall seeing the country as hopeful and optimistic as it has been in years and years," said Mike Simon. "Even though a lot of people are not pleased with the results of the Bush administration, people are not focusing on that particular thing. They are looking forward to the possibilities of what could come from the incoming administration."

Most people agreed that althought his campaign was inspiring, he won't be able to do all that he's promised on his own.

"It's gonna take the people getting behind him," said Eugene Mosely. "And then we can all come out of this thing together."

Even when things look the most dire, many are filled with more hope than ever.

"I'm optimistic about his presidency, I'm optimistic about this country," said Mary Carter.  "I love this country. That doesn't change."