Gulfport soup kitchen prepares to feed 50, 150 show up

By Danielle Thomas - bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Volunteers at a local soup kitchen say they were almost overwhelmed Saturday morning by the number of people who came in need of a hot meal. Feed My Sheep in Gulfport usually only serves meals Monday through Friday, but it's serving on an emergency basis this weekend because of the frigid temperatures.

While fixing lunch, Logan Cudd could take his time. Breakfast was a whole different story. He says he and the other cooks planned for a certain number of guests and three times number that showed up.

"We were just moving as fast as we could, cooking all of our eggs, our gravy, our sausage gravies and our grits, too," said Assistant Cook Logan Cudd. "We even had people wait for the grits as much they love them. We were just trying to scramble and move as fast as we could to get it done for them."'

Officials say Feed My Sheep fed 150 people Saturday morning, the most in a single meal since the soup kitchen reopened early this month.

Feed My Sheep Director Wayne Favre said, "We've been doing 138 to 140. Never 150 at one meal. It really shocked us. We had to struggle to get it, but we made it."

Soup kitchen officials say the struggling economy is creating more need in our area. On Saturday afternoon, the soup kitchen also served lunch. Officials say they are able to feed at less than a dollar per person because of the generous people who donate food.

"The economy right now is so bad, and when I get a donation right now I thank them because it's a struggle for people to help me," said Favre.

Feed My Sheep will serve breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Meanwhile, Red Cross officials say the shelter on 22nd Street in Gulfport will be open Saturday night. The Red Cross is running the shelter in partnership with the Salvation Army.