Off The Air with Rebecca Powers

Rebecca Powers began her career at WLOX News as a producer, eventually becoming a reporter and anchor. Since she comes into your home on WLOX News at 6 & 10, thought you should know a little more about her. We recently sat down with Rebecca between reports and tossed off a few random questions for her to answer Off The Air.

Have you ever been horseback riding?

RP: Yes. The last time I went horseback riding was probably six years ago with my niece. I realized that I aged dramatically since the first time I went because I was completely saddle sore for three days after it. I realized why cowboys wear boots because my ankles were sore. Everything was sore.

What do you remember most about 1976?

RP: I remember going on the Freedom Train and getting a bicentennial quarter. The Freedom Train came to New Orleans. It was like an Amtrak train with one of those flat people mover things like you see at airports. I saw Dorothy's dress and shoes from the Wizard of Oz and Patsy Cline's cowboy hat. And I remember the fireworks.

When was the last time you had a bad sunburn?

RP: I went sailing from the New Orleans Yacht Club to the Biloxi Yacht Club. My friend used baby oil on the sailboat so I did, too. Sh e had olive skin. I got so burned I had to go to the hospital! (Laughs) That was when I was a sophomore in high school... about 1984. My shoulders still have freckles because of it.

Describe your last cooking disaster.

RP: When I was a producer for our 4:30 Show , I was up in the control room during the show. A guy who works here and who also lived at the same apartment complex I lived at called me upstairs on a phone that no one ever calls during a show unless they work here. He said, "The fire department is at your apartment." I said, "Whatever." I didn't believe him. He said "All right, but there's smoke billowing out of your windows." (Laughs) I had put a roast on at lunchtime thinking, like, it's a crock-pot. But I didn't have a crock-pot so I just put it in a lot of water and put it on very low. Well, my 6 pound roast was literally about 3 inches by 6 inches. Hard as a rock. It stuck to the pot. I had to throw it all away. Everything in my apartment smelled like smoke. That was definitely a disaster. (Laughs).

What day do you do laundry?

RP: Never really on a regular basis. I do that like I cook. I usually start it and leave the house and then have to run it through again. (Laughs). I do it on my days off. Maybe once a month. I'm bad.

Favorite color?

RP: Probably blue. Any shade of blue is pretty.

What day do you go to the grocery store?

RP: It's become like a Sunday tradition for my husband and I because it's the only day we have off together.  I change up stores I go to because I get bored. Winn Dixie doesn't have good boudin and Sav-A-Center does. And Choice has cilantro and other places don't. Walmart has everything. So I really switch up.

What would be your luxury item if you were on Survivor?

RP: A radio.  So I could listen to music and hear news.

How many times do you hit the snooze button.

RP: Four. I love to sleep.

What's your favorite fruit and vegetable?

RP: Strawberries and asparagus.

What three movies could you watch over and over?

RP: The Sound of Music, Gone With The Wind, and Forest Gump .

Do you cry at the end?

RP: Of course.

What three records could you listen to over and over?

RP: The White Album (Beatles), Abbey Road (Beatles), and The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. Also, Fiona Apple "When the pawn…" I listen to that record so much that my husband gets a little annoyed. I'll go months listening to it every single day. Then I have to set it aside because it's that brilliant and fabulous. My husband feels a little strange about Fiona Apple because I love her so much. (Laughs) I'm like "Do you hear the brilliance?!" and he's like "Yes, I've heard the 'brilliance' about a thousand times!" (Laughs)

Have you ever been snorkeling?

RP: Yes! I had a bad experience. (Laughs). I breathed in the salt water and had a little, um, purging problem… a little regurgitation problem. (Laughs) But I was only, like, 8 and I haven't done it since. (Laughs).

Favorite food?

RP: Lobster and melted butter and macaroni and cheese.

Technical gadget you couldn't live without?

RP: My palm pilot. I normally hate techno stuff, but my palm pilot I love. And the video editing system here at work. That's great. Way better than the old way.

Favorite local restaurant?

RP: R & C Korea Restaurant. It just says Korean Restaurant outside of it on Pass Road in Biloxi by Keesler Gate 7. Right next to the old McDonalds.

Favorite breakfast?

RP: I really don't like breakfast unless it's at night. Then I love two eggs sunny side up, bacon, grits, hash browns… good old-fashioned stuff. Anything at Waffle House. But not in the morning.

Favorite clothes designer?

RP: DKNY.  (Donna Karan New York)

What are your three favorite TV shows?

RP: All My Children, Forensic Files and Alias.

What three TV shows did you watch when you were growing up?

RP: M*A*S*H, WWL 10 O'clock News with Angela Hill and Garland Robinette, and All in the Family . That makes me sound old.

What posters did you have on your walls when you were a kid?

RP: The White Album poster (Beatles), and then each solo Beatle picture that came with that record. A sepia toned picture of the Beatles in the early days getting off a plane somewhere. And remember those black velvet posters that you could color in yourself? My sister did those constantly, so we had those all over our walls. I always had to share a room with my sister. And we had one whole wall of stickers. Every sticker we could find. "Go Navy," "Peace," "Love," the Bunny Bread stickers. Chiquita banana stickers.

What's your favorite board game?

RP: Scrabble.

What was the last award show you watched?

RP: I really don't like award shows. Never have. I don't think I've ever watched an entire Grammy or Emmy. I think I did watch the Academy Awards a few years ago because it was on ABC.

How long does it take you to get to work?

RP: 6 minutes.

Who was your favorite teen idol?

RP: Does Paul McCartney count?

What's your favorite local movie theater?

RP: UA is probably my favorite because it's closest, but I usually go to Hardy Court on purpose because it's less corporate. It's owned by a very nice man. So I try to spend my money there.

What's your dream vacation?

RP: I would love to go on a yacht to the Greek Isles. I've never seen the Mediterranean. I'd like to stay there for a long time and see Rome, the Vatican, meet the Pope.

What was the last over-hyped movie you saw?

RP:  Master and Commander .. boy what a disappointment!

If you were stranded on a tropical island would you rather have a shovel or an axe?

RP: Shovel. You can open coconuts, knock down bananas, dig a hole for water.

What's your favorite sport to watch?

RP: Probably the Saints. Normally, I don't like sports. I like tennis, though. Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graf, Lindsay… what's her name… Davenport. She looks like a non-tennis player.

Would you ever skydive?

RP: Absolutely…. I think. Yea, I want to.

What was your worst hair related experience?

RP: When I was in 5th grade I had very long hair. My mom worked full time and my dad was a salesman so he would have time between appointments to do stuff for us. My mom said, "Go get her a summer cut." Just meaning a trim. He drops me off at his barber and tells him "Just give her a summer cut," and goes to catch the end of a Tulane baseball game. The barber turns me around away from the mirror and gives me a short, feathered boy cut. My mom picked me up after work and I cried the whole way home. She said, "It looks cute, honey. It looks fine." Then we got home and I was in my room crying and I heard my parents in their room and my mom said to my dad, "How could you!"(Laughs)

Do you ever sing in the car?

RP: Always. That is my key because when I'm alone driving I used to want to smoke, and now I sing. I bring CDs, crank it up, and I'm always singing. And if people see me… I used to care, but I don't care any more.

Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke?

RP: Absolutely Coke! Any good southerner would never drink Pepsi. (Laughs)

How about Coke or Barqs?

RP: I am not a root beer fan. I've just never liked the taste. But on the rare occasion I did drink one it would be Barqs. But Coke-a-Cola used to be a little addiction of mine. I would have several a day.

What instruments do you play?

RP: Guitar. I'm trying to learn bass and piano.

What is the best love song ever?

RP: My Love by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Describe your animals.

RP: My animals… I always pray that they'll never die! (Laughs) Casey I got when I first moved here at the Humane Society for South Mississippi. She was a tiny, little black fur ball… a mixed breed. She has the softest fur. When I lived alone she was my only companion. She would wake me up every morning. She's extraordinarily smart. She knows about 30 words. People make fun of me because I think she can understand me, but she certainly does. She has a vocabulary of about a two or three year old child. She's extremely needy and a little neurotic. My cat Lola is the total opposite. She's sweet and affectionate in her own way but doesn't need me as much, you know, like any cat. She's a calico with the most beautiful face. She's also from the humane society. I heard they had so many, that's why I went to get one. She likes to play with Q-tips.

Describe a funny thing your cat has done.

RP: Our animals are allowed to sleep or eat anywhere in the house. So, I was having my morning tea, reading the paper and she was on top of the table just purring away, licking her paws, just bathing. And I said, "You better be careful Lola, you're close to the edge." And just then she lost her balance, flipped off backwards, and her little claw tried to catch the table and scraped across the top like a cartoon. I had to laugh at that.

What was the first car you drove?

RP: My third to oldest brother dated the same girl for years, and when I was 13 she was trying to get in good with my family so she taught me how to drive a standard in City Park (New Orleans) in her 1965 Volkswagen Bug. The floorboards were rusted out. That was really neat.

What was the first car you drove regularly?

RP: A 1982 white four door Toyota Corolla with a bad transmission and no air conditioning.

What's your favorite weather related song: 1) I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone 2) Singin' in the Rain or 3) You Are My Sunshine?

RP: It would be none of the above. It would be Good Day, Sunshine (Beatles). Although, You Are My Sunshine is a wonderful song because I'm from Louisiana and that was a campaign song, so I'll say that's my second choice. (Laughs)

What was your worst fashion related experience?

RP: I went to a Tulane party once and we went to a restaurant afterwards. I came out of the bathroom and had accidentally tucked my dress into the back of my pantyhose! (Laughs) I walked up and was talking to everyone I knew at all the other tables. People saw it. I get to my date and his face was totally red. He never called me again. That was bad. (Laughs)

If you could have any car, what would it be?

RP: Hmm. A mint condition red 1957 Corvette convertible with white leather interior.

If you had to do it over, what other profession would you choose?

RP: Music. It may not pay much, but it would be fun.

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