Still no decision on Waveland MEMA cottages

By Al Showers - bio | email

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - The Fayard family lives in a MEMA cottage on Ocean Street in the Shoreline Park Community. It's part of Waveland's newly annexed area. Tommy Fayard says it's time for city leaders to rule on the cottage issue. He says his family's future depends on it.

"Basically we're in limbo on trying to make a decision. We either sell, pack up and leave and make a new life somewhere else, or stay and try to stay where my roots are."

Fayard says it's been five days since the ruling came down deeming the cottages modular homes. He says he can't understand why no decision has been made about whether cottages can remain on private property.

"If they don't make a decision quick, my lease is up and we're forced to go," Fayard said.

Fayard believes it all boils down to the fear of the cottages de-valuing a neighbor's property.

"I sympathize with the people who own a $100,000 lot with a $150,000 to a $200,000 home on it, and some of them they have million dollar homes, and they have a cottage next to it. I understand that if that's the case, it shouldn't be there. I live on a dirt road. There are three homes on my dirt road. One of them is a trailer, the other one is a home on stilts, and me. That's it. I'm not asking for much."

Fayard says city leaders deciding the issue on a case by case basis is not the answer.

"If you start talking case by case, the city is going to say, 'It's too much paper work, too much work for us.'"

He says he'd rather see the issue looked at subdivision by subdivision.

Waveland city leaders met Wednesday evening to discuss the cottage issue. The meeting was held in executive session and no decision was made. One alderman told WLOX News that the board will likely vote on the matter at its meeting next Wednesday.