Cell phone use while driving needs to change

The next time you are out in your car driving down the highway, count how many people are "not" using their cell phones. In today's society it seems everyone is talking or texting on their cell phone while trying to go from one place to another.

A recent study found that eighty percent of Americans talk on their phones while driving. However, if the National Safety Council has its way, Americans will have to hang up all cell phones while driving.

The council says it wants a complete ban because studies show that hands free units are just as dangerous. The safety council likened talking on a cell phone to drunk driving. The council claims cell phone use increases the risk of a crash four-fold.

We would not support a blanket ban. However, we do believe that drivers should only use hands free units when their vehicles are moving. We urge the Mississippi legislature this year to join six other states and outlaw the use of hand-held cell phones, for talking or texting, while driving. This would help insure that we are all safer on the road.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager