Congressman Taylor says "No" to another stimulus package

By Elise Roberts - bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - South Mississippians are concerned with what the slumping economy may mean for their bank accounts, and they want to know where their Congressman stands on the issue.

"Would you be in favor of the second stimulus package, of putting some money in taxpayers' pockets," asked one Ocean Springs resident.

Congressman Gene Taylor doesn't think another stimulus package would be a good idea.

"I am of the opinion that you as an individual, if you want to go borrow money, I'll let you go borrow money. But I'm not going to go borrow money for you," said Rep. Taylor.

Taylor recalls President George Bush's stimulus incentive nearly eight years ago. It's an idea he was against then and is still against now.

"What did they stimulate? They stimulated $6 trillion of new debt. Let's be honest. We're $6 trillion deeper in debt than May 9th, 2001 when this budget became law, and I voted against it," Taylor said.

Residents also have strong opinions when it comes to the $14 billion auto bailout.

"It seems to me we've worked more on the bells and whistles and putting the price tag up there to the luxurious level. They should have been thinking about better gas mileage and making cars more affordable," said one resident.

However, Congressman Taylor does support that bailout. He says it's simply a short term loan that will give automakers time to reorganize.

"For the sake of what's left of our industrial base, I felt we had to do that," said Taylor.

While many residents wanted to discuss the economy at Monday's town hall meeting, the current housing crisis was also on everyone's minds. However, the congressman said that's an issue that must be addressed at the local level.

Congressman Gene Taylor will hold his next town hall meeting February 2nd in Wiggins.