Art grant promotes creativity among Pascagoula students

By Patrice Clark - bio | email

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Monday's lesson at Martin Bluff Elementary is how to make your own book. With scissors, paper, and lots of imagination, the fourth graders seem to be mastering the assignment.

Art Instructor Kathleen Anderson is from the National Museum for Women in the Arts. She says Pascagoula School District is one of the only districts in the nation chosen to participate in this advanced art program.

"We talk about words, vocabulary, and mostly our emphasis is on writing. We teach how to look at art, and how they can figure out what is going on in a picture or in a book," Anderson said.

Anderson says she enjoys challenging the students intellectually, and sharpening their motor skills with different hands on activities.

"Our main mission is to have children to do visual arts, both looking at art and creating it. Pascagoula doesn't have art teachers in the elementary schools."

The district is not alone. Anderson says art time has been erased from many classrooms in the United States. She hopes schools will recreate a place for it in the everyday curriculum because it's rewarding.

"I think an artist brings another viewpoint to our world view. They share what is happing in the world in new ways, and gives us a different perception of events."

The program is part of a four year art grant awarded to the Pascagoula School District, thanks to the Mississippi State Committee of the National Museum of the Women of the Arts.