Dye stains suspect, money after alleged bank heist in D'Iberville

By Brad Kessie - bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - A Mobile, Alabama man is in custody, accused of a bank robbery in D'Iberville.

Authorities nabbed William Thomas about 20 minutes after he allegedly held up a Trustmark Bank. The suspect is just 21 years old. He was arrested near Lamey Bridge Road and Highway 15, just three-and-a-half miles from the bank he reportedly robbed.

At the time of his arrest, Thomas had his head leaning against a squad car. The Mobile man's efforts to flee Mississippi with money he allegedly stole from a Trustmark Bank in D'Iberville had been foiled. Wayne Payne is D'Iberville's police chief.

"It was a good team effort by the D'Iberville Police Department, the Harrison County Sheriff's Department, and the Biloxi Police Department," he said.

Chief Payne said Thomas was wearing a ballcap and a jacket when he walked into the Trustmark at 10:51 Monday morning.

"He produced a note demanding money, and indicated that he had a weapon," the chief explained.

Money was placed in a bag. So was a red dye pack. Police said the suspect quickly took off in a Chevy Suburban. But a Harrison County sheriff's deputy stopped him 20 minutes later. Included in the evidence taken from the 21-year-old's car was a Crimson Tide ballcap.

The suspect looked tired and ill when he was arrested. Chief Payne explained why that was the case.

"When he was being stopped, he consumed an undetermined amount of Tylenol PM," he said.

So, D'Iberville police called AMR. The emergency responders placed Thomas on a stretcher and took him to Biloxi Regional Medical Center for observation.

Remember the dye pack placed in the getaway bag by a teller. It went off shortly after the bank robbery took place.

"He had red paint all over him," the chief said, describing the red stains on the suspect when he was apprehended.

There was also red stained money littering the Trustmark parking lot. Police said all of the money taken from the bank had been found.