MA Reverend to leave Coast after two years helping in recovery

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The coast is saying goodbye to a woman who's spent the past two years helping hurricane victims get back on their feet. On Sunday, the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Biloxi held a farewell reception for Reverend Jane Bearden.

Bearden is returning to Massachusetts at the end of the month. The Diocese of Massachusetts sent her down to help with recovery. In that time, she's built relationships between the church and community organizations, some of which now have offices on the church grounds.

Reverend Bearden say she also wants a stronger Mississippi-Massachusetts connection.

"What I had hoped is that we would build bridges between Massachusetts and Mississippi," Bearden said. "We would begin to understand each other better and learn to take the good from both places. Leave those things we needed to improve. In some ways, we've done that."

Reverend Bearden says she has enjoyed her time in Mississippi. She is a native of Louisiana and a Mississippi State University alumnus.