Bay St. Louis wins appeal in FEMA flood maps

By Al Showers - bio | email

BAY ST LOUIS (WLOX) - The city of Bay St. Louis is celebrating a major post Katrina victory.  The city has won its appeal of FEMA's new flood maps.

City leaders argued that the proposed flood maps would have made it extremely tough if not impossible to make a full recovery from the storm.

The concessions FEMA made for the city included reducing the areas FEMA classified V-Zones. Now, those are zones which require higher elevations and stricter building codes. At the same time, it expanded the areas designated A-Zones.

Bay Saint Louis Mayor Eddie Favre talked about why the city was surprised to win.

"I think early on, the impression we got was that we were fighting a loosing battle because all of the experts and everything else was on the side of FEMA. It (the decision) was quite a surprise," Favre said.