High School Students Are Building Computers For Other Students

Some coast students are building a brighter future for themselves and for other students across the state. D'Iberville High School has signed on to Governor Ronnie Musgrove's Computers in the Classroom Initiative. Computer teacher Marguerite Barlow says mastering the more intricate parts of building computers is challenging, but that hasn't stopped her students from wanting to learn.

"They get really excited," said Barlow. "They're just gun ho. They're not afraid to do anything or try anything and they really seem to enjoy it."

The computers the students build will go to other Mississippi schools. The students are volunteers so the output from the class won't be money but first hand knowledge.

"It puts pictures to words," said High School Senior Trihn Ho."If you're looking in the book it's just definitions so it's a great help."

Students must know what every part of the computer does and how all the parts work together. Aside from that, students say building a computer isn't all that difficult. Some students who had never seen the inside of a computer before are now helping fix minor computer problems within the school district. Students say that experience that will be helpful even after graduation.

High School Senior Alan Gay said "Most likely I'm going to be studying computers in college and this will be good to go ahead and get the basic foundation laid out so I can spend time learning more advanced stuff in college."

Marguerite Barlow says the computers are supposed to be finished by early December.