Chairman Joint Chiefs Of Staff Salutes Coast Military

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, joined the Coast Community in honoring the men and women in uniform. At Monday night's 24th Annual Salute to the Military, the four-star general showered words of praise and thanks on those he calls the foundation of military success.

Gen. Richard Myers said "Their courage and their character, their discipline, and their determination are the stuff of legends. Trust me, there will be many more legendary stories to come out of our first year on the war on terrorism".

Senator Thad Cochran also read a letter from the President, recognizing those who devote their lives to service in the armed forces. Sen. Cochran said "On behalf of a grateful nation, I salute all military personal for your commitment, dedication and courage during these extraordinary times. Your efforts remind people all over the world that kindness and generosity will always prevail over evil".

General Myers says the fight over evil is far from over, especially now, with talk of war against Iraq. But he says the U-S military is ready to do whatever the President asks.

Gen. Myers said "We've got to be prepared for whatever contingency and it depends on what the mission is. It depends on how much force you use.  Obviously if we use force, we want to be very successful".

General Myers also thanked the people of the Gulf Coast for their support, and he asked them to be patient and to continue to pray for the military in the ongoing war on terrorism.

Another military member captured the spotlight during the ceremony. Army Staff Sergeant Charles Simpson, Jr. won the prestigious "Thomas V. Fredian Community Leadership Award". Simpson is an instructor at the Seabee Base in Gulfport.